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Luminescence spectroscopy of macromolecules and biomolecules

Bioinspired fluorescent dyes: lessons from biofluorescent plants

Erick L. Bastos1

1Universidade de São Paulo, Departamento de Química Fundamental, Brazil

E-mail: elbastos@iq.usp.br

In this presentation, we will delve into the intriguing phenomenon of biofluorescence observed in plants, specifically focusing on structures that are not directly exposed to light. This area of study not only broadens our understanding of plant biology but also offers insights into the adaptive roles of fluorescence in subterranean environments. We will explore how simple chemical modifications to the fluorescent secondary metabolites in plants can pave the way for the development of innovative bio-inspired systems. These systems are tailored for the transfer of electrons, energy, and information, reflecting the sophisticated mechanisms evolved by nature.Our discussion will include a detailed examination of biocompatible dyes, which have been engineered to interact harmoniously with biological tissues, thereby minimizing any potential cytotoxic effects. Additionally, we will present a novel superoxide generator that allows for the real-time monitoring of reactive oxygen species, providing valuable data for oxidative stress research. Furthermore, we will introduce a bioinspired self-assembling chiral system, drawing inspiration from natural molecular assemblies, which demonstrates exceptional proficiency in specific information transfer, offering potential applications in the fields of materials science and nanotechnology.

Keywords: betalains, plants, biofluorescence, electron transfer, energy transfer

Acknowledgments: We express our gratitude to CAPES (Financial Code 001), CNPq (Grant Number 303573/2022-8), and FAPESP for their financial support.

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