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Analytical, clinical and medical applications of luminescence

Title: Application of nanoparticles with generation of singlet oxygen in macrophage cells

Amanda A. Farhat1

1University of Sao Paulo - IQUSP

E-mail: amanda.farhat@usp.br

Singlet oxygen is a reactive oxygen species, as its chemical reactivity derives from its characteristic electronically-excited state. This species has attracted researches in the last years because of the involvement of singlet oxygen in many important atmospheric, physical, chemical, biological, and therapeutic processes. Currently, nanoparticles that present upconversion (UC) luminescence have become a research field, related to the potential for application in biological images, which has led to the search for intensifications in the signals emitted by upconversion.This work presents an efficient route for emission of singlet oxygen from the upcoversion process and subsequent application of the nanomaterial in the murine macrophage cell line, RAW 264.7.The hexagonal phase NaYF4:TR3+ nanoparticles are synthesized by the coprecipitation method, TRCl3, NH4F and NaOH as precursors to the matrix and doping ions. This work included the synthesis of nanoparticles in the core-shell form of β-NaTRF4:TR3+ @β-NaYF4 with different concentrations of the doping ion(s) to obtain the maximum emission in different regions and the interaction of NPs with different concentrations of photosensitizers for the generation of singlet oxygen, detected by spectroscopy at 1270nm and subsequent incubation of macrophages in the presence of nanoparticles and assessment of cell viability after exposure to singlet oxygen.

Keywords: singlet oxygen, RAW macrophages, upconversion

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments to the research group of Dr. Hiro Goto (IMT-FMUSP) and her student Bernardina Uscata, the group of Dr. Hermi Brito (IQ-USP) and his student Zahid Khan and Dr. Magnus Gidlund (ICB-USP).

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